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Broken Promises is a lifestyle brand rooted in the expression of
human emotions. Our products allow people to express their
by wearing them when sometimes itʼs hard to talk about
how you feel. Our goal is to normalize expressing emotions by
building a community where all feelings are welcome.

The name Broken Promises is relatable because everyone has been on either the giving or receiving side of a Broken Promise, many of us having experienced both sides.

Founders, Jason Blake and Mandee Bence

the founders

Broken Promises was founded in 2017 and is owned and operated by co-founders Jason and Mandee.

Mandee has a BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art & Design, and has years of experience designing graphics, apparel and products for many iconic brands including Vans and New Era. Jason brings his knowledge from managing international sales and has used his industry relationships to catapult the growth of the brand.

These former fashion models previously ran an independent agency creating lookbooks, social media content and marketing campaigns for other brands. Utilizing their experience and leveraging their extended network, the two of them alone have built Broken Promises into one of the fastest growing international lifestyle brands today.

“In the ever-changing world of fashion and trends, it’s important to have a brand that stands out and stands for something greater. Insert Broken Promises the contemporary streetwear brand that does just that.

The name alone reminds the masses that while we all go through our own struggles in life, giving you the subtle reminder to know you’re not alone."

– Shirley Ju, Flaunt Magazine

"It’s a dream come true to be collaborating with legendary bands The Offspring, Sum 41 and Pierce the Veil. These are bands that we grew up listening to, as teenagers when we were trying to figure out who we really were, and discovering music that we were able to really connect with. We tapped into those emotions as we took inspiration from some of our favorite songs for this collection."

– Mandee Bence on When We Were Young Collaborations, 2023

“Their designs speak for themselves and we’ve been fans of the brand since the very beginning. We share a very diverse and similar fanbase, and the open and creative flow of energy we put into our music really aligns with Broken Promises’ designs."

– The Used, on collaborating with Broken Promises

"We are thrilled to be an integral part of the much anticipated launch of MTN DEW FLAMIN' HOT. The collaboration between Broken Promises and MTN DEW felt like a natural fit; Broken Promises has a loyal fan base of those unafraid to express themselves through fashion, stand out and try something new; the same mentality can be said about MTN DEW fans who aren't afraid to embrace the new FLAMIN' HOT flavor."

– - Founder Jason Blake, on MTN DEW collab


Broken Promises can adapt to the everchanging trends in colors, themes and seasons by consistently connecting designs to emotions. Driving a deeper connection beyond products, our goal is to spark a feeling or memory and engage human emotions.


Broken Promises has had the honor of designing collaborations with some of the biggest names in entertainment, fashion, and music. By focusing on the emotional aspects of the collection we can put some of our favorite brands through the lens of Broken Promises to make it our own.

SINCE 2017