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 Broken Promises is a lifestyle brand rooted in the expression of human emotions. Our products allow people to express their feelings by wearing them when sometimes itʼs hard to talk about how you feel. Our goal is to normalize expressing emotions by building a community where all feelings are welcome.
 Founded by Mandee Bence (BFA, Otis Art & Design) and Jason Blake, who have years of experience in product design and apparel sales, the brand now extends beyond clothing to accessories, underwear, swimwear, home goods, skate and cosmetics, so you can express your emotions from head to toe no matter who you are, what you wear, or what your lifestyle is.
Broken Promises has had the pleasure of collaborating with a roster of brands including Santa Cruz, Hot Wheels, Beetlejuice, Mountain Dew, Casper, Death Note and more. With every special project, we always tie everything back to an emotion.
Since 2017, we have dropped a new collection every week. New items launch every Saturday at 8:00 am, but our most loyal customers are rewarded with early access on Friday nights by shopping our app, available on App Store and Google Play.
In a world where words mean nothing and promises are never kept, Broken Promises is something for us to look forward to.